a pretty way to store hot cocoa

okay, so i know i said i wasn't gonna post to this blog again, but while i was making hot cocoa this morning and bringing greenery inside and stuff, i was like oh, what the heck ...

i am also in the holiday spirit like BIG TIME. i just thought i would share the way i am storing hot cocoa this year ... it's super simple and prettier than the original packaging from the grocery store.

okay, that's all!

p.s. i may be back again because i have a giant bag of marigolds that i am gonna turn into a wreath. haha, we'll see.



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  2. Oh my so cute, thanks for the idea I might have to be a copy cat about it:), you must take a trip to Antropologie and check out their new Letter Mugs made out of flowers. I think you would love it as much as I do. Let the holiday season begin friend. I enjoy seeing your posts here or anywhere.


  3. Hello,
    I just wanted to let you know how much I love following you on social media. Your babies are adorable and I love your sense of simplicity and still such a beautiful lifestyle. You are an inspiration. My husband lost his job last year too. When I saw that it happened to your family, I really whish I could reach out in some way... I think that you handled it with a lot of grace. Since I followed you I have started my own blog too... I would love to have your opinion.
    I am also on Instagram: secretsofalazymum

  4. This is putting me in the Christmas spirit! I had to run off and don my sock monkey onesie. Haha, love your posts Kristen!

  5. So I recently found you on instagram and I totally just binge read your blog...not all of it, because I would be ashamed. So I will read the last post tomorrow 😉 You are truly inspiring. I have a list in my mind of things to start NOW. Including writing a journal entry for my kids for each birthday. My 3rd (and last 😭😭) boy's first birthday is coming up in December so I will start with him! I am so happy to know you 😊

  6. Ooh, can't wait for that wreath!
    I haven't been on social media since at least October, so I haven't seen why you're not posting here, yet (bummer!)...gonna go look at recent posts to see what's up.
    I'm digging through my neglected e-mail inbox and saw this post. I'm always so excited about your posts! I hope I find you still have a blog maybe somewhere else now.
    And I really hope you share that wreath!

    Love and Happy Things to you!