new house stuff // last post?

dude, i am so exhausted. like blogging is something i love to do, but omg, finding the time ... finding. the. time! 

okay, so this may be my final blog post here on moon schooling eleanor ... i recently bought oldjoy.com and as soon as i get the time, i am going to start moving things on over. this may take a while because i know very little about website building and the inter webs and computer stuff. like, very little. but anyway, it is gonna happen and i am pumped about it. it's just gonna be like more official and stuff. whatever that means ... and i don't want you to get the wrong idea. it's not gonna be like a how to live blog. the idea is to create a space to talk about feelings and share milestones in my life. i mean i may throw in a cake recipe here and there, but that will not be the primary. 

okay, moving right along ... as you know, we have recently moved. and by recently i mean three weeks ago. we are finally beginning to settle in and it feels like real, real good. most of the walls have been painted and everything is in it's place .. there is still a ton to do and honestly, this house needs a lot of work, but it will get done. my grandma always told me that you will never be moved into a house and it's so true. i feel like as soon as i get one room done, i am already planning ways to change or improve it. maybe that's normal or maybe i'm just restless, i don't know. 

anyway, these are just some photos i took over the past three weeks. there is no rhyme or reason, just  random shots of the new house. 

hope everyone is doing well and as always, thanks for reading. xox. -kristen 


  1. Dear Kristen, wow the new mint home with the cute pink door is coming along and I love it, you have excellent hand to make things look unique and simple one of the reasons I follow you. Simplicity is all eh? Like less is better unless is chocolate ha! Exciting to hear about oldjoy.com I know you mentioned it some time back so I actually saved it under my bookmarks so I can follow you there. I have no idea about blogging or website building but I think you do a great job, honestly you are the only mama blogger I enjoy reading posts from and I think it's because you are just real ya know? And down to earth! So if this is you last post here well that's ok I will miss you but I think we all need to do what works for us and truly what makes us happy deep down. So girl you are doing a great job raising those babies of yours and making a happy home/life for them and that's all that matters "family" thank you for sharing your beautiful images and oh man snapchat always gets me laughing so for all that thank you! Keep it real!

  2. Your new home is lovely. I know quite a bit about blogger and you can easily redirect your new website url address to this blog without changing anything. Let me know if you need help.

  3. I love your Instagram. I just saw the link to your blog. It is beautiful, simple, and pure. I love the posts! I know you must be busy, but I hope to read more updates!

  4. Everything looks sooo good! A happy home and crew!

  5. Congratulations on getting your own domain. Are you moving to Wordpress? Or another hosting? I love how you make your home so unique and pretty things I would never think of goes so well together in your home. Love seeing you and the kids on snapchat! Best of luck with everything

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  7. Love the new house! Seeing your pictures, your posts, makes me so excited to have a family one day. :)

  8. I love your new house!! (Even the kitchen with the washer and dryer;) #snapchat!
    I'm in love with your shelves in your dining room. Can I ask where you bought them? It's amazing to me how you can make any house look amazing especially with three kids! I only have one baby and my house always looks like a hot mess!

  9. The pictures by your mirror... ugh... dying. I can't wait for the new website. xx

  10. Oh my goodness, this house looks even more wonderful and amazing than the last! I'm so glad you're loving it, and boy do you two have a way of finding beautiful homes.
    After reading the next post before this one, I'm so glad to read that you're not ending your blogging altogether. How exciting that you will have OldJoy.com as your official spot now!
    (I've always wanted to know the story behind your IG handle...perhaps you can tell us about it in the 'about' of that website when you get it going.)