snow day ... shop darling clementine

we just came inside from playing in the snow. when i opened my eyes and looked outside this morning, i knew eleanor would be asking immediately, "mama! mama! can we play outside?!" ... and that she did. so we bundled up and headed out. i sipped on some cocoa and took about a billion photos, naturally ... it was so fun. some of my happiest memories from childhood were snow days. there is something so magical about snow. 

 anyway, the real reason i am here is because this month, i curated for darling clementine, my friend lindsay's shop. i chose some of my favorite items (so hard!) and you can find them on the side bar of her site. she has also offered my readers a 15% discount off site wide for the entire month of january! all you have to do is enter the code "oldjoy" at check out. everything in her shop is wonderful and she sells some of my favorite baby items, like the solly baby wrap and natursutten pacifier ... in these photos, rufus is wearing some new mittens from her shop and they crack me up ...  they are the kind that are attached by a string and go through the coat. ive always wanted a pair like that for one of my babes and i am absolutely smitten with them. he could hardly move being all bundled up like that, but he was as happy as a clam to be out there with big sis and brother ...

now i am off to make these kiddos some snow ice cream and spend the rest of our day watching movies in our pjs. 

 ... happy sunday!


  1. This is too adorable! I'll have to look through her shop too. What sweeties.

  2. Where did you get the moses basket?

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  4. gorgeous photos! what is snow ice cream (guessing it's made with snow, but no idea how that works)? eleanor is such a beautiful little lady, and the spitting image of you ♡

    (sorry, some weird symbols showed up in my first comment, hopefully they're gone now)