carrying a baby

a rumbling tummy and heavy legs.   fits of laughter and long sighs.   anxious moments and sleep interrupted excitement.   worry and waiting.   waiting and worrying.   larger breasts and sore nipples.   clumsiness and crocodile tears.   hearing a heartbeat and fantasizing about a new life.   building a nest and taking long naps.   chasing tiny limbs with your fingers and counting kicks.   smiling at your little ones and telling them a new baby is on the way.   choosing a name and imagining a face.   feeling unworthy and extremely lucky.   worry and waiting.   waiting and worrying.   thankful and eager.   posing for weekly photos and embracing change.   laying and loving.   practicing patience and anticipating that newborn smell.   a little swollen and far too happy to care... carrying a baby. 

"a little baby begins to grow. a happy belly begins to glow." -devendra banhart

dress, leggings and pencil skirt are from storq and i'm in love. xo.


  1. Cute! Looks like a little beach ball-you lucky girl :)

  2. I absolutely adore you and your family. You give me so much hope for my future. And I am ever grateful for this new outlook on life that you've inspired in me 💕