waiting for the rain to pass

i keep thinking that i need to make these posts more organized ... like, be more of an official blogger instead of rambling on about my feelings and posting a hodgepodge of photos. but then i decided that wouldn't be me. that isn't who i am. 

this past week has been a little nuts. we are officially in the packing up our house mode and this place is a wreck. it is driving. me. crazy. our move out date is june 30, so we have two weeks to go through all of our belongings with a fine tooth comb, organize what is left and box it up. it is such an exhausting process ... especially when you are trying to do so while very pregnant and chasing two kids around. also, i just love a clean, sparkly, organized house and knowing that we will be living in this chaos for the remainder of the month makes me all kinds of restless and emotional. as a result, i am left feeling completely and dreadfully uninspired. there hasn't been many photos taken around here lately ... but it's okay because we are moving! we are finally selling our house after fifteen months on the market and moving on. i am so, so happy about that and whenever i find myself weeping in the corner ... i just remind myself of all the good things ahead. a new home to bring a new baby to. it will be SO good. 

... yesterday was my birthday. i turned thirty. officially. i thought maybe when the day came to an end i would feel it, but i didn't. i felt like me. just me. i had a really sweet day with my family. we spent the day loafing around the house and in the afternoon i went to the grocery store alone. i brought home an easy dinner and a strawberry cake with whipped icing. i sat there thinking that i wouldn't change a thing about my life as a thirty year old woman. i thought ... i am thirty. i am thirty one weeks pregnant with my third baby. that realization alone made me smile and feel oh so content. what more could i really ask for? i didn't take any photos of the day and that's just fine. i didn't need to. it was perfect. 

... so here is to waiting for the rain to pass. to living in chaos for a bit until we are settled in our new home... holding our third baby in my arms. feeling nothing but love and thankfulness for this chapter of my life.  


  1. Happy Birthday. I nearly texted you yesterday and just had that feeling that you might be enjoying your family, alone time and whatever else and didn't want to interrupt. I just love ya. I'm so excited for you. xx

  2. Happy birthday! Love that top photo. Sleeping babes are so precious.

  3. happy belated birthday, beauty.

    i love your honesty and blogging IS about sharing who you are as a person. no sugar coating please...we all see enough of those..

    however...i too would share my built up gobble gobble emotions, but because of you and your instagram posts, your sweet sweet positive posts. i decided to turn around and try sharing my happiness instead, because what do i have to loose, really?! nothing! absolutely nothing. and you know what?!...i'm happier. i feel lighter, brighter and more content with life. i feel like i can take on whatever task there is to take on, and with a huge smile across my face.

    hang on sweet pea. i know the feeling - and i quote you on "i just love a clean, sparkly, organized house and knowing that we will be living in this chaos for the remainder of the month makes me all kinds of restless and emotional. as a result, i am left feeling completely and dreadfully uninspired."

    gosh..i could R E L A T E to the core.

    I love my home spotless and organized as well and the only corner i adore of this temp home we've lived in for merely three months is, our living room :/ everything else grosses me out and i'm pretty tired of repeating "don't touch" to my children all the time...from the cabinets to the door knobs, to the window sills....completely and utterly dirty and the owners just left it that way for us...so i've tried to make it as comfy as i could but it is very uninspiring and draining. the owners left this home furnished so i pushed all their furniture into one area while we use the living room with our furniture..and we've locked off their master bedroom with the computer desk while using the two other bedrooms with our stuff. allll of my things are still in boxes...my clothes included..i can not wait to just be HOME!

    anyway...turning 30 is pretty amazing..and a big deal..so lets just say..your new home and new babe will be the prettiest 30th birthday gift, ever!

    all the love to you...

    sorry about the longgg...ye know...comment :p

    love you

  4. Happy belated birthday love! And your smiling face is the prettiest.