it's okay ...

it's okay to give your baby non organic apples because they cost less money. 

it's okay to let your little ones play naked in a creek and fall down. 

it's okay to lose your temper a little bit and yell. i promise, it's okay. forgive yourself. 

it's okay to never wear makeup. 

it's okay to feel so tired that the dishes have to wait until morning. 

it's okay that you cannot afford to dress your baby in clothes that do not come from a thrift store or target. 

it's okay that whenever you post a photo of yourself, it doesn't get as many likes. it does not mean you are not beautiful. (ahem, i'm talking to you, kristen)

it's okay that your arms are a bit flabby. 

it's okay that you do not get a haircut every six weeks and cover up those grays. 

it's okay to blow off a day of school and go on an adventure instead. 

it's okay to eat a big mac. it really, really is. 

it's okay that you have a diet coke habit that you just can't kick yet. 

it's okay to put on a movie for your little ones so you can browse the internet. 

it's okay to not be the perfect mom. the perfect woman. the perfect human ... it's okay as long as you hug the people you love every chance you get and make it so they never doubt how much they mean to you. 


  1. A good reminder. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It's so nice to know that other moms need the same reminders!

  3. Hello! Target clothes and flabby arms and big macs over here. All the time! What a relief to know you're up to the same stuff.

  4. I always love your lists... so much hope and fresh air in them. You're lovely and I'm so glad to know you.

  5. This made me cry out of happiness. Again, very grateful.