sunday morning thoughts

i am sitting at my dining room table reflecting this morning.... if all goes as planned, this will be our last sunday living here. our last sunday lazing around this old house. it feels so bitter at times, but for the most part, sweet because i am more than ready to stop living out of boxes and get settled in our new home. that will feel so good. once we are settled, we will welcome our new baby and embrace the changing of seasons ... my favorite season, autumn. our new house has two large maple trees in the front yard and i smile imagining my new baby boy laying in the bassinet while my other two run and jump in those fallen leaves. gosh, how magical that will be ... my photo taking has been a little ech lately because we are living in limbo and this house is far from photogenic right now and i can't wait to take photos of the new place... to feel inspired. to be home. 

here are some photos from the past week or so ... things that make me happy, things i want to remember. 

1. eleanor had ballet camp all last week and always looks so pretty walking around in that pink leotard.

2. carrots from the market. we made pot roast.

3 & 4. wolfgang just looking so cute walking around our backyard munching down on an ice cream cone.

5. picking out a paint color for her dresser.

6. always wearing mama's nightgowns and robe.

7. more ice cream ...

8. we took our last peek at baby boy before his arrival!

9. a naked wolfgang waiting for his bath.

10. still such a baby boy.

11. three of my favorite humans walking hand in hand.

12. every year we go to a fourth of july festival and i let her pick out a new dress to wear.

13. we lost count of how many popsicles he ate at gramma and granddads yesterday.

14. weekend toes with my girl.

15. that day he took two naps. two.

16. stumbled upon some stairway chat as i was carrying up a load of laundry.


  1. I love all of your beautiful pictures!

  2. Here's to leaving behind, here's to memories in your old house and new ones to be made in your new one! Enjoy all of it :)