our new home

everything is put away and in it's place. there are no longer boxes lingering around the house and every window and floor has been scrubbed clean. i must say, it feels really good. of course, i still have to keep the glass cleaner in one hand and the broom in the other at all times because of my little ones ... but that's okay. we are home. some days i look on to my future and the thought of no longer wiping up smudges and picking up crumbs makes my heart feel so heavy. i will embrace it now. it is something to be cherished, i think. 

my husband has been working so much lately, so his office is still halfway painted and organized, but that's okay. it will get done. he is truly amazing. i don't think he realizes how wonderful he actually is. three, almost four, humans are completely healthy and fed and living well because of him. i am so thankful for that man. 

there are still some things around the house that will eventually need tended to, but nothing that this really pregnant mama is going to overwork herself trying to do now. for example, the wood floors need waxed and the ceilings and windows need painted ... i'm thinking i will begin one project in winter and then another in spring. we'll see. 

here are some photos of our new house. i didn't include a photo of the master bath, although i should have because it's one of my favorite things about this house. i also didn't take a photo of our finished basement that has been made into a playroom and laundry area. it is really awesome and a way to let the kiddos watch a movie and play while i wash clothes. we usually head down every morning after breakfast for an hour or so and then again before dinner time. it's great because it is the only space in the house that has a television, so this way they aren't glued to the tv all day. lastly, i did not include any photos of our yard because i'll be honest ... being nine months pregnant and hanging out in one hundred degree weather just isn't my cup of tea right now. :)

thanks for taking a peek. we are really, really happy and have so much to feel grateful for. 

  1. where mama and papa and sometimes babies sleep :)
  2. where we dine
  3. looking into the living room from our kitchen 
  4. the kitchen sink
  5. a nursery for our soon to arrive baby boy
  6. our living room 
  7. a little girl's bathroom 
  8. wolfgang's room 
  9. our kitchen 
  10. eleanor's room 


  1. It looks gorgeous! Congrats on getting all moved in! :)

  2. It looks just perfect for you...And so much room :) Love everything about it.

  3. your new home is beautiful and has so much charm! happy for your family!

  4. You house looks splendid already! Though the makeover's not totally finished yet, the promising outcome is already there. Also, I love its color combinations; it's very peaceful and comforting to look at. Great job, Kristen! :)

    Conrad Carroll @ White Oak Developments

  5. I really love those windows! I’m sure they will give enough light for your rooms to look brighter and livelier. Well, your new home seems to be a best pick, and I hope that you enjoy staying here for a long time. I any way, thanks for sharing about that, Kristen! Congratulations and all the best to you!

    Christie Goodwin @ Windows Enhancements LLC

  6. I have never been a fan of the lighter wall colors, but you really made it work. It not only opens up all the rooms, it brings in a light and airy feel to the entire house. Love the pics of the baby in the sink too. I am working on one like that with a bunch of little rubber duckies.

    Rupert @ Gulf Shores Real Estate And Homes