my little wolfgang is turning two on friday and i cannot believe it ... i know it is cliche to say, but really ... where does the time go?  i have been using my spare time (ha!) to prepare for his party on saturday. it will be simple and small, just the way we like it ... on his actual birthday, his sister has the day off from school (yay!), so the five of us are going to do something fun together. we will most likely see the new peanuts movie because who doesn't love charlie brown? ... it will be wolfgang's first movie and i can already see how cute he will look sitting in a theatre chair with a tub of popcorn between his legs ... precious ... cannot wait to celebrate our little man. he has brought more joy to our lives than i could ever put into words. we just love him so much. 

these photos are of wolfgang in the yard the other day. my husband was raking leaves and wolfgang was jumping in the piles. over and over again. it was a wonderful, childhood moment. we would count one, two, three and he would come running and dive in. his little grin made us smile out loud, every time. 

and here is a photo of our newest peanut who is snoozing beside me right now ... he is so easy to photograph and i just cannot help myself :)

*the boys are wearing clothes from the baby gap's new peanut line. so, so cute and will go perfectly with our movie outing this weekend. :)

*this post was in partnership with gap kids.