a coupla boys and the changing of seasons

the seasons are changing once again and the days are growing colder. our coats have been brought up from storage and nowadays, whenever we leave the house, i have to make sure the kiddos are bundled and warm. with this being ru's first autumn and winter, i had to dig around for hand me downs and had a lot of fun shopping for a few new things ... im a big fan of dressing boys this time of year. what little boy doesn't look completely adorable in a classic pair of corduroy overalls? i mean, come on ... i even bought a pair of matching cable knit jumpers because i am definitely gonna be one of those moms ... definitely. my mother always put my brothers in matching outfits and i love all of the photos she took of them side by side .. it's the sweetest thing. 

these past few weeks we have been spending our mornings at home ... keeping warm by the fire, watching the same movies over and over again, playing with favorite toys and have even started decorating for christmas. ... after naps or when daddy gets home, we go for wagon rides and listen to sister tell us all about her christmas wish list. wolfgang points at cars and dogs and goes, "ruff ruff or vroom vroom" ... rufus usually falls asleep. and i smile at how wonderful it all is. 

these days have been so good. these days will flood my memory one day of what it was like being at home with my babies during the cold months ... all is well. all is warm. we are happy. 

*boys are wearing clothes from gap kids. timeless pieces for the cold months of the year. items that can be handed down or tucked away for memory's sake... the little oxfords ru is wearing will surely be pulled out of the cedar chest  someday and make me weep. oh yes, that is certain. xox. 

*this post was in partnership was gap kids.

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