after school smoothies with eleanor

i think my posts have been a bit heavy lately, so i wanted to take a breather and lighten things up a bit.
 ... everyday after school, we have smoothies. we have been drinking this same smoothie for well over a year now. eleanor and wolfgang look forward to it so much and everyday they treat it like it is their first time having one ... bouncing around with excitement (i love that about kids)... wolfgang waits eagerly and doesn't take his eyes off that blender until i hand him his glass... as for eleanor, she is old enough now to make them basically all by herself and she takes this job very, very seriously... 

about a week ago i downloaded a strawberry shortcake smoothie game for her, so now when she makes them, she gives us the step by step out loud... everyday around three o'clock it's like a live cooking show in our kitchen. it's quite fun.

so, here is eleanor's smoothie recipe:

this recipe makes enough for three glasses (about eight ounces each) ... 

you will need:

  • one cup frozen blueberries or strawberries or half cup of each (we alternate)
  • one banana
  • one serving of yogurt (we are using trader joes vanilla and cream here, but any will do)
  • one tablespoon flax seed 
  • one handful of kale or spinach (we keep ours for smoothies in the freezer because it keeps longer)
  • a five second pour of orange juice 
now blend and enjoy!


  1. well gosh. i wish i could have the luxury of making smoothies with my kids after school.

    it must be a satisfying treat until dinner rolls around, huh k ?!

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