happy first birthday, rufus otto!

i seriously haven't blogged in months, so it feels a little unfamiliar to be here right now! ... but i am also glad to be here and think i might stick around for a while. 

anyway, rufus turned one years old on august tenth .. like, how? it just seems like yesterday that he was a fresh smelling babe in my arms. all the cliche mom feelings are happening to me ... all of them. 

as some of you may know, i freaking love birthday parties. i love the planning and prepping and making lists and the trip to the party supply store .. i just love it all. usually everyone in the family comes, even arick's sister drives in from missouri. it always feels amazing being together for a few hours and celebrating my babies. 

for ru's first birthday i decided to go with a chicken and pie theme ... but ironically there weren't any chicken pot pies. we had hotdogs. .. and pasta salad. and coleslaw. and chips. and watermelon. and lemonade. all things summer, basically. it was perfect. 

we love you, rufus. rusie. ru tang. rufio. happy birthday, baby boy. 

arick's mom bought him the big chicken. it cracks us up. 

my mom's friend made the chicken cookies ... so cute.

my dad. his papaw.



  1. Ha! What a lovely space to be at right now, I mean even though it's been a while since you visited it's so refreshing to see you back ��. RU it's such a ham love him. Happy birthday sweet boy, I love following you it's like your post are out of a magazine ������. Anyhow loved the theme and all them pies girllllll ��

  2. His face in the pie! Love him!

  3. first of all, i'm so happy you're back! i always log on and check to see if you've posted and figured you probably had come back to write about ru's birthday! so happy i was right :)

    secondly, oh my goodness, i always love how simple and wonderful your parties look! they're truly about the birthday boy/girl and not about showing off and i love that! also, looks like pam was enjoying the attention! <3

    i can't believe rufus is one already, that means i've been reading your blog for about eighteen months and it really doesn't feel that long. i've been going back through your old posts i'd missed while you've been gone and i've enjoyed every one. the way you write is so real and down-to-earth, it's refreshing. one of my favourites (and i only have a few)!


  4. The chickens! The sunflowers! The pie! The birthday boy! It's all too cute! You and your posts and snapchats never fail to put a smile on my face! :)

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