an autumn eve

for the second autumn in a row, i took my babies to this tree ... it is on our way home from my parent's house, so after spending our day visiting them, we stop here just before the sun sets. 

once we are out of the car, they immediately run towards the sea of leaves, yelling and giggling with excitement. 

the boys took turns sitting in the stroller so i could take a few photos. 

we counted one, two, three and threw handfuls of leaves into the air.

we laid down and buried one another ... making leaf angels and taking big, deep breaths. 

"it's so beautiful, mama!" eleanor would say. 

we sat side by side as the sky grew darker and talked about halloween. 

i thought how special it would be to come back every year. to make it our own. 

i imagined sitting next to them when they aren't so little anymore ... wondering what it will be like then ... wondering if it will be one of those sacred childhood memories to hold on to forever.  

our new stroller is just fantastic. you can find it here ...

p.s. as i typed out this post, i shed a few tears and listened to this song. xo. 


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  2. oh my goodness, it certainly sounds like it would be a cherished memory. it would be if it was me being taken there as a child.

    i want to find something to do with my boys that i could do every year and make special. it's just finding the right thing that fits us, seems like you've found it. i would definitely take them back again next fall.

    your photos are always beautiful, i love seeing these little snippets of your life. looking out for the post about why eleanor isn't home schooled any more as i'm going to be home schooling my boys. ru is growing big so quickly! gorgeous kids, beautiful mama.