after nearly two weeks, wolfgang has finally decided to accept rufus as part of this family ... even more so ... now he is a little obsessed. often times i will find him hovered over the bassinet, tickling his feet or patting his belly ... he points to his nose and mouth and ears and quickly understood that poking his little eyes is a no no. watching this love between these two little humans unfold is such a magical thing ... and as their mama, it is more beautiful than i could ever put into words. 

earlier today, wolfgang was roaming from room to room eating a popsicle ... once he realized that baby and i were hanging out on the big bed, he had to join in. he climbed up and immediately began to interact with rufus, or "thus" as he calls him. it was such a sweet scene that i put aside my no popsicles on the bed rule and started taking photos ... so here they are. my boys. my beautiful, beautiful boys.