an afternoon at an orchard

i think i often take food for granted. in the middle of february, during a blizzard, i walk into the grocery store and a bag of carrots could be a box of fruit loops. im just eating to survive at that point. it isn't until we plant our garden in the spring or go to the farmer's market in june that i remember food is a very real thing. the process of planting a seed, watering it and providing adequate light so it will grow into a healthy plant... and then we eat the plant. i became so emotional at the orchard i visited today with my babies. i watched my daughter run from tree to tree gathering as many apples she could hold and plop them down in the wagon. i just stood there amazed because i knew i would take these apples home and make sweet treats for my family and more importantly ... food for wolfgang. i mean, it's so incredible. i really want to teach my children the importance of good food and to take part in the process ... living off the land was a huge part of my childhood and i want that for them, too. it is easy to lose sight of certain things when you live in the city. one day we will move back to the country. i mean, we just have to.


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