family photos for the soul

can you believe that in the twelve years i have known my husband, we have never ever had photos taken of us before?! i guess i just never really considered it, but now after having our photos taken this past weekend, i am like why did we wait so long! i love them so much and cannot wait to have some printed and placed in shiny gold frames and hung on our walls ... a big thank you and bear hug to Jenny Haas for capturing our life in such a beautiful way. xo. 


a kitchen makeover

 i would like to begin with apologizing for my absence around here. lately it seems like i just don't have the time i wish i had to blog. it only takes a few seconds to snap a story for snapchat or take a photo for instagram, but having the time to sit down at a computer and create a blog post feels impossible these days. i wish i had the time, i just don't. anyway, i am not giving up! blog posts just may be few and far between. maybe as the boys get older and a little more independent, i will find my way back here more often, but of course i want them to stay babies forever, too! :)

okay, okay ... our kitchen was just made over. when we first looked at this house last summer, i fell in love with how big and open the kitchen was. of course the first thing that came out of my mouth to my husband was, "those cherry cabinets gotta go!" ... so three days after we moved in, the painters came. now as for the rest of the changes, well, they had to wait because shit costs money. you know how it is. .. so fast forward several months later and one grueling winter and the rest of the changes took place. 

although the changes were simple, they made a huge difference. .. or at least i think so. we replaced all of the countertops with butchers block, added subway tile and a farmhouse sink. we decided not to replace any of the appliances because why fix what isn't broken, but someday i really want a smeg refrigerator !! 

anyway, i am in love! i know i should have waited for a sunnier day to take these after photos, but i was just too excited to wait. here they are! 

in case you are wondering:

we bought our butcher blocks from menards. our sink from amazon and my husband found the faucet on ebay! ... also, if you guys like that chicken on my sink, you can find him at anthropologie! he's only twenty bucks!

hope you all are having a wonderful spring and thanks for reading! xo